2016 GOP Debate Roundup –


For all my sweet readers who missed the 2016 GOP debates either because of the pesky Eastern time slot/lack of interest OR you don’t want to get all of your information from reputable news sources like Facebook,Twitter, Fox and CNN, I have created a little TMMW roundup for you.

Now – I don’t align myself with either party (I like to consider myself a right leaning independent with liberal tendencies) so I feel my facts (opinions) will be pretty unbiased. I am also not a devout Obama-liever, or whatever nickname is cool/derogatory for staunch supporters. I DO believe that the POTUS as commander in chief deserves some respect in title.

With all that mumbo jumbo out of the way, let us begin…

I came in about 12 minutes late to the party, as I had to get my online streaming set up and it took  a hot minute. I also had to argue with my shoulder angel/devil about having a glass of wine. Shoulder devil won that round. When I came in, Trump was babbling around whatever questions was asked, and Cruz was interrupting him, or vice versa – like I said, I came in late.

In a nutshell (and for those who don’t care about politics or my opinion)

Ben Carson started making sense. That is  not an endorsement.

Ted Cruz got a personality.

Donald Trump couldn’t form a complete coherent sentence and knows way too much about shady foreign business transactions because he participates in them.

Marco Rubio  has a whole campaign based on  undoing everything Obama has done

Chris Christie is still throwing around his “as a prosecutor” stories and name dropping

Jeb Bush – Still a Bush

John Kasich- might be the most level headed guy in the room, but he’s old and no one wants listen to him.


The tit for tat commentary was embarrassing. These are grown ass men, why are they taking jabs at each other like this? If they can’t get along at the debate podiums, how can we expect one of these men to get along with Congress and represent the USA as commander in chief?

The Obama bashing HAS TO STOP (I’m looking at you, Rubio). We all know what Obama has done. We’ve all been here the last 8 years. So many questions (looking at you again, Rubio) were answered with a 2 minute diatribe about how Obama has fucked the issue up. It’s just unbecoming. If the moderator asks a questions, I want the person the question is directed to to answer the question. I would like the answer to be based on FACT and knowledge.  Maybe give some examples of how a different approach would work, or how it has worked. and I would like the other people on the stage to shut their soup coolers until the question has been answered.

Stop talking about Hillary and Benghazi and emails to make your point. Who are you trying to win over with this? Most of the people in the whole galaxy have already heard these stories and formed their opinions. If those are the only things keeping you from being “better” than your opponent, it’s time to step up your game.

I can’t stand mudslinging.

Do not sell me a product by telling me how shitty the other product is. Tell me how good your product is. Tell me what your product needs to work on, and how you are making that change for the better of the product and the consumer.

Every one of the candidates talked about Obama’s rouge decision making and leadership, and claimed his inability to work with congress was unconstitutional. Every one  of the candidates used “I will do XYZ”… Not a lot of mention of Congress, teamwork, branches. None of these people seem able to play well with others and they all know how this thing works.

At the end I felt like no one on the GOP campaign speaks for me. How can you have this many choices and  feel so isolated? Just when I start to feel like I relate or agree with someone, they throw out something utterly ridiculous  and the moment is gone.  I feel sad that there are TWO female candidates and neither represents my needs or concerns.  I feel that showmanship and shock and awe will win out over common sense and communication. I can’t understand why more people don’t jump on the third party bandwagon.

In other news, my wine was delicious.