IF I Were a Procrastinator…


I am a list maker.  A task doer. A To-Do haver. A planner.


But, IF I were to be one of those procrastinators, today it might look something like this:

I should really finish my Spanish homework. but why be ahead when you can be 2 assignments behind? Three as of tomorrow.

I should also get caught up on that other class … I’m only 2 behind here. But it’s not really “behind” if it’s an open on-line class. Plus, I’m a super quick reader and I live to internet research. Woohoo for a social media chapter. I’ll get caught up tonight instead of whatever in on deck on Netflix. Or after.

My 3.2 mile run is today. I blew it off  rescheduled this morning since I had to catch up on Spanish. Had.To. Otherwise I would be 6 assignments behind… that’s too much pressure. No es nadie tiene tiempo para eso. Then I ate a late breakfast and I couldn’t run on a full tummy. Then I had to do this other stuff… then, the internet. If I leave right now, I can get it in and still have time to shower and get fixed before the bus drops the kids off from school 2.5 hours from now. If I go in 30 minutes I’ll still have time… OR I can run on  Thursday and Friday instead of Wednesday and Thursday.

I was going to take care of errands after my run, this morning. Ooops. I need stuff for dinner, and I can’t put dinner in the crockpot until I get them. And I can’t do my errands until after my run. And by  then, will it be too late for my dinner recipe? I could go now. Right now!! But, I’m blogging.

Washing my face. I can’t do this until after I run, or my moisturizer will get in my eyes and burn like hell and then people will think I’m crying on the treadmill again. I can’t go without because I’m old and I live closer to the equator. I did say I could push that run to tomorrow. But back to back runs? That might not be a smart idea.

Maybe I should look that up on Pinterest. Ohhh, and I could find a different recipe.






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