Day 119 – What I Did Today


I am so bored. SO. Bored. I am supposed to be doing “homework” . And writing. And blogging. And training for a 10-miler. I didn’t really do any of those things. My motivation has taken a vacation. I have a “sick” kid home today who doesn’t need my attention, so I can’t even use that as an excuse. Although, I will. I spent a whole day doing nothing. So much nothing, I made a list of the nothing I did.

made a cup of coffee



the news – online of course

read some pieces on Scary Mommy because I want to submit pieces there


stared at my online class assignment

brushed my teeth and “did” my hair. No one would ever notice, though

let my maid in. Yes, I have a maid

got dressed

stared at my other online assignment.

made breakfast

Practiced Spanish – that means I organized my homemade flashcards – that means I put them in a neater pile.


what’s for dinner?

made a list for the vegetable guy. Yes, my maid gets my vegetables from the vegetable guy

skyped with my oldest kid

made lunch

answered emails – semi urgent business


read Trump news – got irritated this guy could rule the world.

realized I’ve been in El Salvador over 100 days

got lunch time kisses from TGILW


watched a movie with the “sick kid” –  got sad when Ray got smooshed by the Shadow Man

watched my maid cut up my vegetables. Chatted about the weather, really

found out Lularoe has athletic capris – stalked several Lula rep

read  some more online blog posts

listened to middle kid practice guitar – her teacher is amazing

stared at my daily “to do” list and realized I was ignoring it. “WRITE” stared back at me.

started 4 lame blog posts. saved those for later

wrote this one

That’s it. A day in the life of TMMW. Don’t hate.


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